Our old news entries!!

6/13/11: BIG NEWS!!
Howdy ho, folks.  We, The Ska Skank Redemption, will be releasing a five song EP...very soon.  In fact, we will be releasing it next week, June 19th at the Blast-O-Mat with A Billion Ernies.  Excited?  Wanna be more excited?  Well, it's name-your-own-price.  That means you can get our new CD for free if you are as poor as us.  But psh.  That's all such small news in comparison to the 

Ehem... So that's that.  Here's the tour dates!

June 24th- Moe's BBQ and Bowling, Denver, CO- TOUR KICK OFF
        W/Redo, The Repercussions, and Hatrick Penry
June 25th- Kilby Court, Salt Lake City, UT
June 27th-Liquid Lounge, Boise, ID
June 28th-The Backspace,Portland,OR
June 29th-Plea for Peace Center, Stockton, CA
June 30th-The Bel Tower, Fresno, CA
July 2nd-Park Gallery, San Diego, CA
July 3rd-Metaphor Cafe, Escondido, CA
July 6th-Cosmic Soup Recording, Phoenix,AZ
July 7th-Amped Performance Center,Albuquerque,NM
July 8th-Phil's Radiator, Pueblo, CO
July 9th-Hodi's Halfnote, Fort Collins, CO

4/11/11: Two down, four to go!
Hey guys!  Thanks to everyone who came out to Sidekick's on April 1st, and also this past weekend to FOCOMX!  We had a great time skanking an going nuts with you!  Be sure to check us out in Denver on April 15th at Moe's, and also at the Crabtree on April 16th!!  We'll see you there!!!
3/23/11: Update!

Friends!  Thanks for making it to all of our March shows! We had a rad time at all of them.  


Now comes the super exciting part: April.  Hell yeah.  In April, we currently have five shows booked, and it shouldn't be too difficult to hit a show up no matter where you live!  


On April 9th, we'll be playing at FOCOMX, a super rad Fort Collins music festival!  We'll be playing down at Spotlight music (Harmony and College), and it's a super sweet venue!  The whole festival is totally rad, and we're glad to be playing it a second time!  Hope you come check our set out, as well as all the other great bands playing that weekend! Tickets at $15 for the WHOLE WEEKEND, with over 200 bands at over 20 venues.  We might have a few guest spots too, so stay tuned for CONTESTS :D  We go on at 8pm, by the way!


On April 15th, we'll be headed down to Moe's Original BBQ and Bowl, playing with Redo and The Atom Age!  This will be a pretty killer show, so don't miss it! IT IS ONLY $5 :D  Doors are at 8:30, show at 9!  

The day after that (April 16th) we will be playing in Greeley at the Bike Battle, which is a FREE (yes, free, FREE, FREE, as in the cost of our stickers)  show at the Crabtree Brewery!!  Come ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!!! More details to come!


April 21st we'll be playing Greeley again at Sky Night Club!!  We'll be on super late, so drink your Red Bull!!

April 22nd, we'll be playing our first ever show in Golden, CO!!  It'll be a free show at one of the local bakeries, so keep your eyes open for more details!!


We're super excited for April, and we'll hopefully have some May shows booked soon as well!  Thanks again to everyone for rocking out with us!

3/7/11- BOOTLEG!!
Hey folks, we have a bootleg recording of our Toaster's show for download!!  It can be directly downloaded from our site HERE, or if that doesn't work, try grabbing it from HERE!!  More information on the recording will be posted here or on our Facebook Page!  Check it all out!
2/25/11- RECORDING!
Hey guys!  We're starting a new recording adventure tonight, and we're all very excited!  We're recording some of our favorites, and most of them are pretty new songs!  Anyways, here's a video of one of them from our Toasters show!

Going to Hell

2/14/11- Post Toasters show
Check out our tumblr for more blog entries
Dear friends,
I’m sitting in a coffee shop, a little sleepy, waiting for work to start, and with a little less of my hearing intact then I had this time yesterday, and I’ve never felt better. We never do say it enough, but thank YOU. All of you wonderful people. We played our favorite set ever, and it was only possible because of all of the amazing people we had in the crowd. Opening for The Toasters has always been a dream of ours, and doing so last night was what we’ll call a massive stepping stone towards an even better SSR future. All of this wouldn’t be possible without you guys who have supported us over the years— come to shows, bought merch, talked on Facebook, and chilled with us. So once again, THANK YOU, and we hope you enjoyed some new tunes!

We would also like to thank The A-Oks, because we’ve been playing with them since close to our inception. They’ve always been helpful when it comes to playing in Denver, and it has always been a pleasure playing with them. 

Anyways, there is a future, as much as I’d just love to live in the bubble of awesome that you guys made last night. But in that future, there is stuff, so don’t you worry! We’re working on getting some new recordings done soon—I know, right?— so we’ll finally have recordings of our new lineup and somewhat newer songs. Needless to say, it was about time.

Our next show will be in Fort Collins on March 3rd at Avogadro’s number with DB and the Catastrophe, Floof and the Time Bandits, The Tramps, and Post Paradise, so we can’t wait to see some of our Northern Colorado friends there.

Our Next DENVER show is March 20th at the Larimer Lounge with The Namesakes, False Colours, The Repercussions, Peaceful Peaches, and Ha Ha Hooligans. This should be an AMAZING show, so hope to see you there. It is 21+, however, so we’ll try to line up an all-ages Denver show soon as well!

Once again, thank you all for everything, and we can’t wait to play more music for you in the future!

-Mark Kinz
1/31/11-  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Yeah, it's a bit late, but major thanks to Reno Divorce for having us on the New Year's eve show!  But what's that you say?  WE'RE OPENING FOR THE TOASTERS?!  OH MY GOD, WE'RE OPENING FOR THE TOASTERS!!!  SUPER RAD!!!  FEBRUARY 13TH AT THE MARQUIS THEATER WITH THE A-OKS!!  OH MY GOD!!
Here's the facebook event, and check out the flyer made by our very own Sara LeFevre!  

11/16/10- It'll be a jam-packed December for us! On top of three (potentially four, depending on the battle's results) public shows, we'll also be playing a few private gigs, such as one for a Rock and Roll History class.   We're not really planning on slowing down once we hit 2011.  No, no, we're only looking to increase our show count per month as we get set to go on tour this summer!  As a reminder, tomorrow night, we have a Battle of the Bands show at AF Rays in Greeley. Ten days later, we'll return to Moe's BBQ in Denver with The A-Oks, so be sure to get a comp ticket if you're 21+!!!

11/5/10- It's been a while!  Be sure to check our facebook page, as most major updates occur there!!  Anyways, got some shows coming up, and we're also starting to chart out our summer tour!  Check out both of our shows this month, as well as our New Year's show!!

8/29/10- It's that time of the month! Blog time, i mean. Get your mind out of the gutter.
Guess what, everybody? Guess what guess what guess what? ROYAL GETS BACK FROM JAPAN TODAY!!!!!!!!
   As you may well know, our drummer Royal went to Japan to fight dragons and teach English to all the boys and girls. Now that his hero's journey is complete, both dragons and the Japanese language are extinct. Japan has now technologically surpassed every country in the world by another 20 years thanks to Royal's keen business sense. Japan's band fund has never been higher.
Ska Skank is broke, a little disheartened, and completely overrun with dragons. Needless to say, we're glad Royal is back! However, we owe a huge shout out to Madison Weikum for filling in the big dragon-fighting shoes that Royal left! He has done well, and we will be sad to see him return to his unstoppable fighting force Zach & The Big Daddies. We also owe thanks to Nick Spreigl for filling in on a couple gigs.
   Also, we are tots mcgoats going to Omaha, NE next weekend! We've never been more excited to be in a car for 9 hours! Any Omaha-ee-ins reading this should totally check our set out at the Hole on Saturday! It's going to be a blast! Any Coloradans reading this should also check it out. Come on, it's not THAT far away! It's Labor day weekend, after all. Do something with your lives for god's sake!
   We are very excited to be joining DB and the Catastrophe once again on September 16th at the Marquis Theater in Denver! If you saw our last Marquis show, then you KNOW what's going down that night! If you weren't there last time, you'd be quite the fool not to go this time!
   And hey, guess what else? We have new T-shirts!!! Designed by our very own Sara LeFevre and pressed by our very own Corey Golon, they're just full of good 'ol homemade goodness. They're going fast already, so don't miss your chance to grab one at our live shows!
   THANKS FOR LISTENING, CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIILDREN!!!! I'm gonna stop procrastinating my homework now. Woo!!-- The Ska Skank Redemption

7/7/10- Hey people of the world! Lots of exciting news today!
First of all, an update on the new members. Sara is doing great! Both the old and the new guitar parts are sounding great. Nick played July 4th with us and did great! Unfortunately, Nick is in high demand and can't make anymore of our gigs (check out his band Air Dubai!), so we have brought on Madison Weikum from Zach & The Big Daddies until Royal returns from fighting dragons in Japan. He's learning quickly, and we're not worried at all! You can see both of them in action on July 10th at the Venue at Higher Grounds. If you're in the Greeley area, or even if you're not, you should definitely stop by!
Also, big shout out to Matt Soerens for subbing for Corey on our July 2nd show! We only got one song into our set before the cops came, but rest assured that that one song had quite the groovy bass line. Slappa da bass. Slappa da bass. 
We are using our shifts in personnel to the fullest advantage to write some new material! Both Sara and Madison have added a new flavor to the group, so expect some great new songs! Mark is working on a song about a girl (gaaaaaaaaaaay....), Kyle wrote a song about coffee (the most magical substance known to man), as well as a song about a cat. More on that later!
If you miss July 10th, be sure to check out the 4th annual Zombie party on July 17th! Tickets are going fast, so be sure to get yours today! There's going to be "blood and guts" wrestling. I mean, how can you miss that? Be sure to wear your best zombie attire! See you there!
We're very excited for some prospective gigs in August! We may be playing on KRFC pretty soon. We'll let you know when to tune in! We have also been invited to play out in Omaha! This will be our first time playing out of state as a band, so we're very excited! We'll find out if we can tour without killing each other! Also, our dear friends Floof and the Time Bandits have invited us to play a few shows, and we're always excited to play with those guys! August should be a fun month (also, Kyle's turning 21, so that'll make things more interesting.)
Lastly, we have an exciting "re-imagined" product at the merch booth. If you've been to our live shows, you've no doubt seen the Ska4Life Compilation CDs that we've been trying to sell. Those CDs are the result of a scam that Ska Skank fell into in its early days. We've come to terms with the fact that we're never going to sell them, so we are now giving them away for free!!! However, there is one catch: If you take a Ska4Life CD, you must film yourself destroying it in any manner you'd like (points for creativity!), and send it our way! You can send it to or We'd like to compile them all into a music video, so we hope to see some great entries! We'll have to think of a prize for the best act of destruction... 
Until next time! -- The Ska Skank Redemption

6/8/10- We've got a few shows coming up here!  Next week we play the Aggie, then on June 25th, we play the brand new Chipper's Lanes in Estes Park. July 4th is the D-Town Skankdow, and July 10th is a super rad Greeley show!!  In other news, Sara and Nick are doing awesomely in the transition!  Sara may even play with us at the Aggie show, so come check it out!
4/17/10-  Thank you guys.  Thank you everyone who showed up, danced, sang along, and went nuts at the Cowtown Skankdown last night!  Thanks to all of the bands for playing amazing sets, thanks to Sara from the Bowlers for playing with us on Pirates, Thanks to Ely from The Crew Presents for helping us get this set up.  

Seriously, everyone, a better night could not be asked for.  For all the stress involved in setting it up, every second was worth it, and I'm looking forward to setting up the SECOND annual Cowtown next year!  I hope everyone had a great time, and can't wait to see you guys at some upcoming shows.  Also, don't forget about the event whose name we "borrowed", the D-Town Skankdown this Summer!! 

Anyways, we're taking the rest of April off, but are in the process of booking some May shows when we return!  See you guys then, and thanks again for an amazing night!

Mark, SSR

4/3/10-  HUGE thanks to everyone who came to the Marquis show last night!  An especially huge thanks to anyone that danced and went nuts!!  We love you all!  We've got two shows at Chipper's Lanes in Fort Collins this week, and then the COWTOWN SKANKDOWN the next week!!  Seven Ska Bands!!!! OH MY GOD!!!

3/27/10-  EP release went AMAZINGLY WELL!!  Thanks to everyone who came out and was the BEST crowd there!!  You guys really rock our socks.  You can now listen to our EP in full on Myspace, or listen and download on our "band Camp" site, which is the link above (Next to the Youtube one).  Coming up, we have our super-awesome show at the Marquis with The A-Oks and Synthetic Elements!! Please come support us, as we'd love to play some more Marquis shows!!!  Then, we play Chipper's Lanes in Fort Collins April 8th and April 10th.  The April 10th one is for FOCOMX, which is a sweet music festival in Fort Collins!  Then, to top it all off, Mark went ahead and organized a 7-band Ska show in Greeley on April 16th, known now as the Cowtown Skankdown!  Playing will be The Ruckus, The Potato Pirates, The A-Oks, Ska Skank Redemption, The (mean) Time, Zach and the Big Daddies, and The Bowlers!  DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!!  It will simply blow the minds of EVERYONE. 
3/6/10-  Just kidding.  Well, at least about us not playing the March Ska Jam.  Still playing that.  Yep.
3/5/10- Short update on top of that:  The March Ska Jam will not have us playing it, due to a personal loss to one of our members.  The CD release will be held at the Crabtree Brewery on March 26th when we play with Synthetic Elements, so hope to see you there!
3/4/10- Hey everybody! How's abouts an update?
We are mega-ultra-super close with finishing our E.P.! All the tracks have been mixed and mastered, and now it's merely a matter of pressing and copying many many copies. If you're anything like us, you know that it's about time! Join us for the March ska jam where we'll (hopefully) have a copy of the EP for you, and you'll have one before all your friends! And you'll be like, "Hey! Guess what!? I'm a better fan than you!" And after you finish laughing maniacally, your friends will be so jealous!!! 
We've recently been gearing up for the Cowtown Skankdown, hosted by yours truly: us! It's going to be at Crabtree Brewery in Greeley, CO and will feature some huge names! If you like The A-Oks, The Potato Pirates, or The Ruckus all the way from Kansas, you are not going to want to miss this show! More information about this will present itself as it gets closer. See you there!
We have been planning a midwest tour for this summer, and it may actually happen this time! Hooray! If you're from Pueblo, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, or Kansas and it's just a little too much gas to come to us, expect us to come to you!!! And we'll have EPs! Oh my god! So good!!!
We are meeting a very special guest this weekend. While I don't want to divulge too much on this, all I can say is: you may see a LOT more gigs from The Ska Skank Redemption. We're very excited, and we hope you are too! 
Until next time-- The Ska Skank Redemption

01/13/10-  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Have a video blog:

And a flyer:

12/22/09-  Hello again!  Deja Vu show went pretty well, all things considered.  Unfortunately, the Atlas show has been moved by Synthetic Elements to March 26th, so we just have to wait a little longer to play with them. Anyways, hope to see you at the show on the 8th!  Should be killer!! 


12/12/09:  Happy December!  We have a show this Friday at Deja Vu Coffee, and it is free!  It starts at 7:30!  We will also be opening for SYNTHETIC ELEMENTS at the Atlas Theater in Greeley, CO on January 30th.  We also may be playing a show with Trichome at the AGGIE on January 2nd and a show at Super Joe Specialty Coffee on January 8th, but these haven't been confirmed yet.  We will let you know, and can't wait to see you at a show!!!

11/10/09: Quick update:  We will be recording this weekend, and we are very excited!  We will try to keep you updated on the process and hopefully take some pictures.  Also, Mark started a video blog on our facebook page, so be sure to check that out here!  Also, if anyone wants us to play some shows/parties in the near future, let us know, as we probably can!  Keep your eyes open for a quality demo! 


11/1/09- Recent goings on:  We had a crazy good time at the A-Oks Halloween party last night!  Twas amazing, and even a little scary at times.  We'd like to thank The A-Oks for putting the show on, and all the other bands for rocking so hard!  We'd like to thank the kids who put the hole through the wall as well. That was awesome.   Thanks to everyone who came to our Fort Collins and Greeley shows this month too!  

This next month, we'll be recording for a couple of days!  While we hope to get as much done as possible, we will at least have a new demo of super high quality done by then.  Hooray!

We'll try and line up a show or two for November, but will probably focus on recording. Thanks for all your support.


9/01/09-  HALLOWEEN SHOW ON...HALLOWEEN!!! (That's October 31st, in case you forgot).  It's gonna be awesome!!!  It's gonna be a house party at the home of The A-Oks, and you all are invited!!! YAY!!!!  We will give you the address as soon as possible!  Also, we're recording in November!  Hooray less crappy demo!! 

07/05/09- Hello people in world land!  Here's what we've been up to!

We recently played a big party for about 5 hours, and got some money that should help us record!  We're excited, and we hope to have pretty close to an album recorded by the end of the summer! And yes, the quality will be BALLS better than our previous recordings!

We have what's looking to be three shows lined up this month!  We're first playing at the Old Curtis St. Tavern with Ashley Said Yes! and Minor Authority.  Then, we'll (hopefully) be playing at the Oriental on July 24th!!  And the next day, we'll be having a pool party at Mark's house with The A-Oks, as well as Zach and the Big Daddies!  It should be awesome!  Hope to see you all there!

In other news, Kyle is making a crazy-awesome Jazz album with a bunch of super good Jazz musicians!  He's even going to be able to put one of his original jazz tunes on the album!  Go Kyle!!

Royal, Corey, and Mark got dinner together one time, and this dude asked Royal to be in his metal band, so it could be that Royal will be part of a metal band as well!  Go Royal!

Mark got a new Bass trombone.  It's really heavy, but should crank out some awesome low tones at the shows this month! 

We've got a Twitter now.  Yes, we finally caved.  You can follow us at @skaskankcolo

Mark is also rooting for team Garmin-Slipstream in the Tour De France, as Lance has seriously won enough.  Bring the title to Colorado!    Follow Slipstream on Twitter @teamslipstream
Also, if you're in the Boulder area, be sure to watch the Tour at our favorite coffee shop, The Cup!   @thecupboulder

Also, we'd really appreciate some help in booking shows outside of the front range area!  If you live in a neighboring state or clear on the other side of Colorado, we'd love to play a show for you guys!

Anyways, until next time!
-Ska Skank Redemption

06/26/09-  Hey people!  We're playing with Ashley Said Yes!  on July 18th, followed by a super-rad killer cool pool party at Mark's house, Testosterhome.  Just ask for directions if you want to come!!  WORD!!! 


5/23/09- The band has been playing quite a few private shows, learning some new tunes, and recording some old ones. We know you want us to come play gigs again. We know. We'll be back before you know it. Fear not, my friend. 

 In other news, we have T-Shirts!!!! We'll be selling them at most of our gigs, so buy one! Or buy more than one and sell them for gross profit! We don't care! If you're much too impatient, buy one here


4/11/09-  Show tonight!  $10 at Rock and Roll Grill! In other news, we have new videos up!! Here's one, and we'll have links to our others on the media page!

04/03/09-  We had a bit of a technical hiccup the other day, and our domain didn't renew for some reason. But now we're back!  And we have a show on April 11th!

02/-8/09-  Not too much new news, but we do have a show on March 8th at Cervantes for a battle of the bands!  Tickets in advance from band members are $10!  Hope to see you there!! 

01/02/09-  Happy New Year!  Just a reminder, we'll be kicking things off with three shows in January!  We've returned from our writing binge, and we'll be releasing a lot of new material at the shows throughout the month!  At least two new songs should be ready by our show at the R&R Grill on January 11th, and hopefully a few more up to stuff by the show on the 28th!  For Northern Colorado people, don't forget our first show in Greeley on January 17th! Hope to see you there!


12/01/08- We are going on a little writing sabbatical for a bit, but be sure to catch our battle of the bands show on the 12th, and we'll be back in January kickin ass with some brand new songs! 

10/21/08-  We also have a show on November 15th at the Rock & Roll grill! And a show at the Climax Lounge on the 28th!!  Be sure to check both shows out!

10/19/08-  New songs from our demo are now up on our mypace!  Be sure to check them out!   edit: Also, we have a show on the 28th at the Climax Lounge.  We may also have one on the 15th at the Rock and Roll Grill.  Keep your eyes peeled!

10/16/08-  Hey!  We've got the fully mixed version of Kill Die Laugh up on the myspace!  Be sure to check it out!  Also regarding Kill Die Laugh:  It's going to be on the Ska 4 Life compilation for the Fall of 2008! We'll be selling these CDs, which will have a bunch of other ska on them!  It's really exciting!  Also, our demo will hopefully be done next weekend, which we'll be selling for $5!   Exciting times for SSR!!

 10/7/08-  Thanks to those of you who came to our September show!  We really appreciate it!  Anyways, if you'll direct your attention to our myspace page, there's a semi-mixed version of our new song, Kill Die Laugh.  You can even download it!  A more polished version of that plus about five other songs will be up there by next week!

08/10/08- Thank you so much to all of you who came to our show last night!  It was seriously a blast and a half!  We'll be booking another show there for next month, so look for that!!

On a sad note, Evan Kaverman has left the band due to scheduling conflicts.  However, it is our pleasure to welcome Adam Ross to the band to take his place. Adam played his first show with us last night after learning the music in only a week!  Way to go Adam!! 

Anyways, we're organizing some recording shenanagins for the future, so hopefully we'll have a decent demo soon.  Stay tuned!


08/01/08- Happy August!  And what better way to kick it off than by booking a show?  We will be playing at the Rock and Roll Grill on August 9th!  The show costs $10 and begins at 7:30!  See our performance schedule for more details!  Hope to see you there! 


07/30/08-  We have a shop!  Come buy some sweet merch!  Also, we are going to rerecord the demo songs on some better equipment after two of them failed.  Hopefully that will come soon!! We also have some shows being set up, so we'll keep you posted on those as well.


06/30/08- TWO DOWN, TWO TO GO!!  Two Demo songs have been completed and mixed, and can be heard on our myspace or purevolume!  Check them out!  Also,  the tour was canceled due to the headlining band breaking up. Sorry about that.  If you know any venues that need a band, or have a band and need a supporting act, please let us know!!