Our History and Backgrounds. We're some wild and crazy guys (and girls). Read up, get to know us and freak us out at our next gig with how much you know about us.


Guitar: Sara LeFevre (Written by Evan Kaverman)

Sara LeFevre shreds, and people die.  

Sara shreds on: A DKL Deuce, named Guido. On a Marshall half stack and a pile of dead bodies.

Bass/Vox: Corey Golon

*By some people that might not be Corey....

Corey was born in Colorado, and was automatically in 4-5 bands at once. By the time Corey was in elementary school, he had joined and parted with many more, such as Blink 182, Reel Big Fish, and Green Day. He also toured for a stint with Metallica, but he quit because he thought they weren't metal enough. By the time Corey joined up with the Ska Skank Redemption, he was in over 9,000 projects and had an extremely intimate understanding of every single venue in Colorado. He was even playing with the Killers, but quit on account of Mark Kinz being insane. Plus the Killers kinda suck. When Corey is not bassing you in the face, he is probably working on his bug or playing sax at Metro.

Corey plays: The bass... motherfucker...

Drums: Royal Langer

Royal grew up in Seattle, Washington. In 1997 is family moved to Aurora, Colorado, which was when he started drumming. But up to this point in his life, his parents had sheltered him quit a bit, and he didn't own a single CD. Thankfully, in middle school, he started taking drum lessons with Chad Johnson, the rockiest dinosaur in the western hemisphere. Chad introduced Royal to music, and musical conglomerate of eclectic outbursts ensued. Now Royal attends UNC as a business finance major, and drums whenever he feels like it. He is also the drummer for The Skaskank Redemption, and is fully prepared to be in any other musical vendettas that are trying to take over the world. Glorious songs arose when knowledge hit the streets that Royal is single, foxy, and can kill a lady with a look.

     Royal plays Premier drums, Zildjian, Paiste, and Sabian cymbals, and a bunch of other brands of stuff including LP, Mapex, Gibraltar, Tama, and Pearl. He also owns Road Runner, Galaxy, and Gator cases, as well as Pro-mark and Vic Firth sticks. Last not least, he owns Attack, Everplay, Evans, and Remo drumheads.


Trombone/Vox: Mark M@ss@cre Kinz 

Our story begins with Mark playing trombone and singing.  And then it goes on for a while.  It hasn't stopped yet.

Mark Plays: Mark plays a Getzen Eterna Series Bass 1052FDR on an un-released Dave Taylor prototype stainless steel mouthpiece 

Alto and Bari Sax/Vox: Kyle Katastrophe Etges: 

Kyle plays saxophone and has a beard. This is literally everything you'll ever have to know.

Kyle Plays: A Selmer Mark VI Bari sax with an S.R. Tech mouthpiece and Ravner ligature, and a Selmer Balanced Action Alto sax with a Phil Barone mouthpiece and Bay ligature. He uses Rico Reserve reeds.

Tenor Sax: Adam Ross

(bio written by Kyle Etges)

Adam's baby-making tenor saxophone sound can impregnate people from over 500 yards away. It's Science.  

Adam Plays: A Cannonball Tenor with a Meyer Mouthpiece. He also uses Vandoren reeds.

Trumpet: Hannah "Tait's sister" "Legs" "Spicy Lips" Lewis

Hannah Lewis is the result of crack cocaine, rainbows, Bear Salad, and Tait Lewis being put into a blender and blended until a smooth liquid.  Especially Tait's bones.  Hannah plays trumpet.  She likes killing people.  When Hannah becomes romantically involved, she immediately becomes the man in the relationship, turning her boy toys into more of....puppy dogs.  With only one leg.  It's both cute and pitiful.  Hannah is known for having the worst trumpet case of all time.  Or rather, she was, until that case finally broke. There was much rejoicing.  Hannah will slit your throat with her mouthpiece, somehow.

Hannah Plays: A Bundy Trumpet. That's right, bitch.