The Long Bio

Nerds.  Ska Skank Redemption is a bunch of nerds.  

Mark Kinz- Giant curved plumbing/Lead Vocals

Kyle Etges- Big awkward piece of plumbing/small awkward piece of plumbing/Lead Vocals

Hannah Lewis- Really curvy high pitched plumming/ Oh my god, Kyle and Mark forgot the vocals again...

Adam Ross- Medium piece of Awkward Plumbing/ I have one super awesome Vocal line.

Corey Golon-  A small tree with strings attached/ LOOK AT ME BACK UP AND HARMONIZE!

Sara LeFevre- Awesome small tree with six strings/  SOMETIMES I HAZ SHINY BLUE HAIR BUT SOMETIMES NOT!!

Royal Langer- A bunch of hollow, shells of former trees with skin spread over them for spiritual use/ Goofy faces.